how to uesd OBDSTAR X300 DP Program VW Touareg 2011 5th IMMO All Keys Lost

Guide to program dealer key on VW Touareg 2011 5th generation immobilizer when all keys lost by using OBDSTAR X300 DP (Key Master DP) tablet key programmer and RFID VAG 4th & 5th immo programming adapter.

Well connect OBDSTAR X300 DP and RFID adapter, VCI adapter with vehicle


Please connect VCI to main unit by USB to keep stability of vehicle communication




Select VW->Program Keys->5 generation immo




First update OBDSTAR RFID adapter to latest version. If X300 DP tablet shows the hardware has been the latest version.  Press OK to go back.



Select 5th immo New Touareg->Read Immo Data



Switch ignition on

If all key lost, please turn on the headlight and depress brake, then press (ENT) to continue

Reading immo data…

Save immo data as BIN format, e.g “KKKKKKKK.BIN”


Press OK to confirm

Select Show IMMO Data

Select bin file just saved

OBDSTAR X300 DP key programmer will display VIN, key number etc information



Select Make Dealer Key and bin file


Put a valid key into RFID and make sure the key is effective,  otherwise, the programmed key is unable to start the vehicle

Press YES to continue



After insert first key, the RFID indicator will flash. Then insert second valid key


Written success


Select Program Keys and choose bin file


Note: After recognized by vehicle, the key will be locked and unable to unlock. Continue to go on?

Press YES to continue


Enter key number to be programmed: 2
Press OK
Please turn ignition on, Press ENT to continue
Press OK


Insert new key orderly and turn on ignition switch for smart system, aim backside oof key to the key identification
makr area and turn OFF->ON to recoganize key


succeed to recognize key


key learning mode is ending


Learn success
Test the new key.


Will Xhorse VVDI Prog Read and Write MC9S12KG256?

Original V4.6.0 Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

The built-in update software allows user to update VVDI Prog firmware timely. High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect. Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed Reserve ports: for future update. The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.


hi. i need universal programmer that can do MC9S12KG256 mcu. can your please forward me prices and programmers that can do the job. thanks for your time. regards.


Answer from Fobdii engineer:

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer will read and write MCU MC9S12KG256.


How To Solved BMW X3 2006 angle sensor fault internal AND 04 slider fault

Let’s start with a issue: Have BMW X3 2006, I have no ideal what the “slider” is? Is it something connected with the steering angle sensor? I’m getting andgle sensor fault internal AND 04 slider fault..

Then followed with diagnostic procedure and result:

So curiosity got the better of me and i removed the steering angle sensor.

There was probably an easier way than removing the entire column but whats done is done.

I had only the yellow 4×4 light on and the calibration of turning the wheel back and forwards worked but the error came back on almosts instantly, even after driving it for a few kms.


I was getting the following codes consistently after clearing many times with my Creator C310:

“5EB1 Steering Angle Sensor, Supply”

“04 Slider Fault, Adjust Operation”

“5EB0 Steering angle sensor, Internal”

I was also getting intermittent issues with the Creator C310 Code Scanner not being able to read live data stream of the steering angle sensors output. Sometimes it would appear to be registering, other times it would simply read 0.0 no matter the steering wheel movement.

Once i had removed the angle sensor from the splines i opened the little black casing and peered inside. It is a form of potentiometer (or how ever its spelt) and the brushes that carry current have worn away as you can see in the last photo. I bent them out a bit further so they contact what i can only assume is the “slider” and reassembled everything. My guess to the cause of the intermittent live data stream from the sensor is as the temperature in the car changes the metal flexes slightly and no longer makes contact.

Anyway, no more yellow 4×4 light and its been 2 days.

One would argue that’s a lot of effort for only buying a few months of time from an old worn sensor that needs replacing but at least now i know

If i was to replace the sensor with a new one it would need coding programs above my knowledge base that I don’t have and that cost money, so ill cross that bridge when i get to it.

Video Demo For VVDI Key Tool Copy Toyota G Chip

The following is a video demo using the Xhorse vvdi key tool for remote manufacturers to replicate the Toyota G chip.
Video demo is the Chinese version, the English version also do the same work.

XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Remote Maker English language
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool supports most common remote types in the market; it is reliable and easy to use. VVDI key tool can perform these functions:
edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc. In a word, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator is a device with multi-functions.

OBDSTAR X300M change KM on 2008 Porsche Cayenne

In this article fobdii enginner will share the experience of how to change KM on Porsche Cayenne 2008 by OBDSTAR X300M .

The device you need: OBDSTAR X300 Odometer Adjustment Tool.

X300M Change KM for Cayenne 2008 Procedure(Below picture show the mileage before adjusting 234574km )

STEP 1: Connect OBDSTAR X300M to your Porsche and Power on the programmer.


STEP 3:Screen display “initializing…”–>”authorizing…”
Select Cayenne->Cayenne-2009->MILEAGE ADJUSTMENT

STEP 4:Screen display”communication…”–>enter a filename to save,here input 11100000
OBDSTAR X300M managed to read the curent mileage(error does not exceed 10km)

STEP 5:Input new mileage 345430

STEP 6:Screen dispaly”adjusting mileage…”,then adjustment complete.

Finish,the dashboard displays the new mileage as what is set just now.

How to Update Original Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Software?

Original XHORSE VVDI Key Tool

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote maker supports most common remote types in the market; it is reliable and easy to use.

VVDI key tool remote generator can perform these functions:

Edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc. In a word, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is a device with multi-functions.

Update Original Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Software

Select “Update” option on function menu
Go to VVDI KEY Tool SYS Set to update
Connect remote maker with PC via a USB cable
Click “Update Online” button to start upgrade
Wait for update completed

SKP1000 tablet key programmer User manual in English

SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer A Must Tool for All Locksmiths Perfectly Replaces SuperOBD SKP900 and CI600 Plus
SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer, English version of Lonsdor CI600 Plus,perfectly Replaces SKP900 Key Programmer. Performs immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller, Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code calculation and special function.


  1. Product description. 1

1.1 Supported protocol 2

1.2 Package Includes. 2

  1. Function Menu Instruction. 3

2.10 Main menu basic functions. 3

2.11 immobilizer function: 4

2.12 Mileage adjustment via OBD.. 5

2.13 New remote system programming. 6

2.14 Oil/Service reset 6

2.15 throttle body adjustment 7

2.16 EPB(Electric park brake). 8

2.17 Immo PINCODE reading. 8

2.18 Personalized settings. 9

2.19 Special functions. 10

2.20 System settings. 10

2.21 Update Firmware. 10

  1. How to use SKP1000 to program key on specific car model?. 10
  2. Update Firmware Procedure. 13


1. Product description

SKP1000 is Multifunction programmer with 4’inch touch screen, mainly designed for auto Key programming. covers all functions of SuperOBD SKP-900 key programmer. SKP-1000 is a convenient device which can perform immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller, Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code calculation and special function. Integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

— Confirm      — Back

— Up                — Down

— Left              — Right

— Smart remote controller frequency detection area


SN: Serial Number


1.1 Supported protocol



1.2 Package Includes

1* Main unit

1* touch pen

1* main cable

1* Honda 3pin adapter

1* Kia 20pin adapter

1* Hyundai / Kia 10pin adapter

1* Haima 7pin adapter

1* power adapter

1* TF card

1* TF card reader

1* USB cable

1* CD with user manual


2. Function Menu Instruction

2.10 Main menu basic functions

Auto functions

Choose ” Auto functions” to perform immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote system,

Oil/service Reset, ETC , EPB, pin code calculation, personal settings and special


2.11 immobilizer function:

Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;


Choose “Immobilizer”, then the car brand shown as below.


2.12 Mileage adjustment via OBD

Choose “Adjust mileage”, then the car brand shown as below.


2.13 New remote system programming

Choose “Remote system”, then the car brand shown as below.


2.14 Oil/Service reset

Choose “Maintenance”, then the car brand shown as below.



2.15 throttle body adjustment

Choose “ETC”, then the car brand shown as below.


2.16 EPB(Electric park brake)

Choose “EPB”, then the car brand shown as below.

Woks on Changhe, Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, Chery, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai.


2.17 Immo PINCODE reading

.Immo PINCODE reader for many vehicles and no need pin code when programming keys for many vehicles.


2.18 Personalized settings

Incl. Language, Reset, Safe Warn, steering Angle, TPS and other.

2.19 Special functions

Plug into the adapter to perform special functions.


2.20 System settings

Choose ” System settings” to read the machine basic info.


2.21 Update Firmware

Click on “Firmware update” to update the system or the Adaptor.


2.22 User program test

Choose “User program test” to reset the SKP1000 machine to collect corresponding data.


3. How to use SKP1000 Key Programmer to program key on specific car model?

Step-by-step procedure:

For example, to program smart key on Hyundai SONATA 8, firstly connect the main cable to the machine, then plug the OBDII adapter to the car.

Power on the SKP1000 machine, until you see the LOGO, press [YES] to main menu, Choose “Immobilizer”, press “Yes” to vehicle list.


Choose model: Hyundai, press [Yes] to enter.


Choose “Smart key”, press [Yes] to enter.


Choose ” by Vehicle”, press [Yes] to enter.


Choose “SONATA 8 (with slot), press [Yes] to enter.


Choose “Smart key (with slot), press [Yes] to enter.


Follow the tip to turn off ignition, press [Yes]


Follow the tip to open the door and close for one time, press [Yes].


Choose “Program Smart Key”, press [Yes]


Follow the tip, insert the smart key into the slot, and you can hear alarm sound, turn off the ignition, press [Yes].


Input the password


Check if the password is correct, press [Yes] to confirm.


The first smart key program successfully, and it will ask you if you program the next one, press [Yes] to confirm.


Insert the second smart key into the slot, you can hear the alarm sound, press [Yes].


Program key successfully, press [NO] to back.


With two new smart keys, you could start the car, if you need to add more keys, just repeat the above steps.


4. Update Firmware Procedure

Before update firmware, please take out the TF card and insert it into the card reader, then plug into the computer USB port. Double click “My Computer”, find out ” local Disk (H:), right click to choose “Format”.


Tip: Tick on the “Quick format” and click “Start.

After complete format, go to the official site to download the update file, then copy and paste the file into the TF card, after finish, plug the TF card into the machine, power on the machine to the main interface.

Click on “Firmware update” to update the system or the Adaptor.


Firstly choose “System firmware”, press [Yes], the procedure shown as below:


Update Firmware succeed shown as below, Press [NO] to back.


Choose ” Adapter update”, after finish, reboot the machine to go on use SKP1000.



Read/write ME9.2 BMW & pinout with MPPS, Xprog and BDM100

Bosch 0261209005, ME9.2 from BMW E46 N42B20 2001.

How i can read this ecu? I have XPROG, Willem GQ-4x and MPPS, do those work with this?

BDM pinout for XPROG? Or how wire MPPS?


  1. MPPS V21 should work, the way to wire it, ask in open forum for a picture of MPPS pinout for BMW ME9.2.


  1. XPROG v5.7  work, here BDM pinout for XPROG


  1. bdm100 works. i have managed read and write with bdm100. At the firs begining, when i read from original and trying to write it to other samekind ecu i get erasing block fail erro.

Finally, I found point which is connected to pin 53 (WP). I connected voltage to test point and now succeed to write dump from other ecu.