(2018-02-24) Upgrade Announcement OBDSTAR Products

OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 Pro3 release new upgrade on Feb. 24th, 2018.

OBDSTAR X300 DP is the first tablet of OBDSTAR, which has reached a higher level in key programming and diagnosis. Inheriting from OBDSTAR professional auto programming and advanced diagnosing technology, OBDSTAR X300 DP is characterized by covering wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing superior quality. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Android system, OBDSTAR X300 DP integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

X300 PRO3 key master by OBDSTAR Company features with the immobiliser key programming function of SKP900,as well as new function e.g. Odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII. Its design is fully based on industrial standard, for example, it is designed with bilateral keyboards which make it easy to operate, besides its appearance is processed by special material and reaches to the shockproof level.

Cluster Calibration 


Increased in FEM/BDC module the cluster calibrate, reading fault code, clear fault code, energize without key functions.


1. Increased following functions in Peugeot/Citroen/DS BSI system:


<2>JC BSI04EV-K0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

<3>JC BSI2004-H0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

<4>JC BSI04EV2-KEX: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

<5>SIEMENS BSI-S0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.


<7>VALEO BSI-N0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

<8>VALEO BSIEV-X0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

<9>VALEO BSI2004-P0X: EEPROM Backup, EEPROM Recover, FLASH Backup.

2. Roewe

Increased MGZS Key programming.

Increased Roewe 550 pincode reading.

Increased MG6 pincode reading.

3. Porsche increased  Auto Key Programmer for following models:   





4. Great Wall

Increased WEY VV5C/VV5S、VV7C/VV7S smart key system.

5. Renault

Increased IMMO system 7, type 8.

6. BMW   

Increased in FEM/BDC module the ECU change function, engine ISN code reading, energize without key, all keys lost programming.

Special Function

Tire Pressure:

1. Increased Benz-Mercedes tire pressure monitoring.

2. Increased Renault tire pressure monitoring system.

3. Increased Volvo tire pressure monitoring system.


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