How To used VVDI Prog Program Benz Sprinter 2002-2005 Key

Here’s the guide to add immo key to Mercedes Benz Sprinter year 2002 to 2005 using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Tango transponder key programmer.

Step 1: Read data with VVDI Prog

Remove Sprinter Immo box

Find 4L52H mcu chip

Make connection

Open VVDI Prog software

Select Type, Brand and chip: Sprinter Immo Box (2002-2005)

Click on Connection diagram and view diagram

Sprinter 4L52H mcu pinout to VVDI Prog Auto Key Programmer

Click on Chip Config

Select Security Bytes->Search from file->MC68HC(9)08_SECURITY_BYTES.cfg

Read data

Save eeprom data

Step 2: Write transponder with Tango

Open Tango key programmer software

Select Car Model tab->Benz->Cars->Sprinter

Load eeprom file just read by VVDI prog

Click on Write key button


Confirm key position

Follow tango prompts until success.

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