How To using GM Tech 2 reprogram any module

Hello there!
Today I will simply tell you some of the possible problems and programming.
So, if your vetronix tech 2 is working, but something goes wrong and something goes wrong, the first thing we need to do is retest the device.
If you have DLC 1, TPU, CCD, DLC2 – FAIL. Then break the device and carefully solder all the chips we see on the motherboard. If the error in the block VCI then parses it, and also parses all the languages. Only after all of these actions, if you can not fix the error, consider buying a new motherboard from

Now let’s talk about programming.
Disagreement here. Some people say that you can assemble with a cheap Chinese card. Some people say that you only need to use the original one, of which there is an adapter for write protection. If a cheap card flies behind the firmware, try rewriting the software again, but wipe it all before writing.
Another method of firmware is “cross cutting.” In short, this means that the Tech 2 Scan Tool can be connected to both the machine and the PC. The management process itself passes GlobalTIS.
You may need a PC driver to see Tech 2 as driver J2534.
Good luck, good luck.

PS: There are no DB9 connectors on some laptops. Here you can buy an adapter db9 to USB.

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