How To using GM Tech 2 reprogram any module

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Today I will simply tell you some of the possible problems and programming.
So, if your vetronix tech 2 is working, but something goes wrong and something goes wrong, the first thing we need to do is retest the device.
If you have DLC 1, TPU, CCD, DLC2 – FAIL. Then break the device and carefully solder all the chips we see on the motherboard. If the error in the block VCI then parses it, and also parses all the languages. Only after all of these actions, if you can not fix the error, consider buying a new motherboard from

Now let’s talk about programming.
Disagreement here. Some people say that you can assemble with a cheap Chinese card. Some people say that you only need to use the original one, of which there is an adapter for write protection. If a cheap card flies behind the firmware, try rewriting the software again, but wipe it all before writing.
Another method of firmware is “cross cutting.” In short, this means that the Tech 2 Scan Tool can be connected to both the machine and the PC. The management process itself passes GlobalTIS.
You may need a PC driver to see Tech 2 as driver J2534.
Good luck, good luck.

PS: There are no DB9 connectors on some laptops. Here you can buy an adapter db9 to USB.

How to do self test RS232 cable by GM Tech2 scanner

If you need to run TIS2000 software on PC, you have to connect GM Tech2 scanner using the RS232 cable with the DB9 Adapter to a serial COM Port at the PC. If you cannot get the Tech 2 scan tool connect to PC or fail to communication well, the best way is to connect the RS232-DB9 adapter correctly and then run a RS232 self test.

GM TECH 2 Features:

1) GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
2) Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru current year.
3) Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4) Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5) RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash.
6) Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7) Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.
8) Bi-directional The authentic GM 1992-current year software will provide full bi-directional control when performing power train, chassis, and body diagnostics.

GM Tech2 gm diagnostic scanner comes with several connectors, including a RS232 cable and RS232-DB9 adapter (mark red circle below)
Tech2 RS232 Adapter
1) Follow the cable pinout to connect the cable correctly
Tech2 DB9-JR45 RS232 cable adapter pinout
Pinout RJ45 to DB9 cable
Tech2 RS232 Adapter

BD-9 to RJ45
9——–not connected

2) Then do a RS232 cable self test

How to do Tech 2 RS232 self test?

1. Power up the Tech2. Connect RS232 cable with Tech II scanner main unit.
Tech II scanner main unit
2. Come to main menu. Select F4:Tool Options
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
3. Select F3: Self Test
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
4. Follow the system prompts:
Before running the Tech 2 self test:
CANdi interface must not be connected
ALDL loopback should be connected
Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate the self test
Press EXIT to continue
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
5. Select F3: Selectable main PCB
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
6. Select F2:RS232 LoopBack
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
7. Tech2 RS232 cable self test has passed
GM Tech2 scanner RS232 cable self test
If RS232 cable passes self test, the commutation between Tech2 scanner and PC is well built.

How to used TECH 2 change RPO F45 option codes to Corvette

This details out what exactly is needed to add/change RPO option codes to existing 1997+ Corvette’s, using a Tech 2 scan tool.

These instructions will also help owners of F45 real time dampening suspension option convert to regular shocks that don’t have sensors built in. Right now people are paying upwards of $200.00 for emulators that plug into the wiring harness to trick the BCM. A simple solution is to just go into the BCM’s function and toggle off the F45 suspension options. No codes will be set and the car will not go into reduced engine power mode.

Step 1: Obtain a working GM TECH2 (original or HQ clone- both ok)


note: Tech 2 knockoff has many types and here is a chart for you to know all.

Step 2: Startup TECH2

Step 3: Enter Diagnostics menu


Step4: Enter year of car


Step5: Enter Passenger Car menu


Step 6: Select Body from the menu


Step 7: Select Y body from menu


Step 7: Select Y body from menu


Step 9: Select transmission type


Step 10: Enter body control module menu for adding/deleting option codes such as automatic headlamps,F45 suspension.


Step 11: Enter Special Functions menu


Step 12: Enter BCM RPO Reprogram

Step 13: Enter cars country of origin


Step 14: Toggle functions on and off. The asterisk next to the option code indicates this function has been turned on. Note that the Automatic and Manual HVAC controls are both turned on. This is normal and should be ignored. Go ahead and hit the save option button when you’re done and power off the TECH2 Scanner .


Note: If your vehicle was built after Feb 02 you may or may not have the sensor installed from the factory required to make the T82 automatic headlamp function by simply turning it on in the cars BCM. A quick way to verify this is to remove (no tools required) the defroster vent on the center of your dash. There should be 2 sensors installed. The sensor on the right is for your climate control and the sensor on the left is for the T82 automatic headlamp control. If this sensor is not present it can be purchased from GM for about $12.00. The part number is 12450121 and it simply snaps into a space already provided on the defroster grill.

Next you need to find the pigtail that plugs into the sensor. Car Diagnostic Tool  It is on the right side of the steering column and has a piece of white tape holding it folded in half. Cut or tear the tape and leave it dangling down.

Now, take a metal clothes hanger, and stick it down through the defroster hole in the dash. You will see a little 1 inch by 1/4 inch slit to slide the hanger through, then force it to the floor. Tape the pigtail to the hanger and pull it back up through the hole in the dash. Then plug it in to the sensor, snap the grill back in and you are done.

Have fun!